Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Welcome to the Chronic Hysteresis

Well, here it is - the most eagerly anticipated Doctor Who blog in the history of the internets is finally making it's debut. One nerd (me, Steven - one of the hosts of Radio Free Skaro, surely the most prolific Doctor Who podcast around) and his obsessive goal of watching every single Doctor Who story, in order, and cataloging his thoughts about each and every episode. How many episodes are there officially? Like, 751 or something? Then there's going to be, like, 751 articles on this blog, because every episode deserves its own piece - no matter how good or bad it is. And when I say I'm reviewing every episode, I'm talking EVERY episode - even the missing episode reconstructions, and even "Shada".

2009 seems to be the right time for me to finally do this, as there's scarcely a glimpse of new Doctor Who to be viewed on the BBC this year. My main intention, though, is to hopefully inform and entertain everyone (especially those fans who have only seen the new show) who may have not seen some of these episodes, have seen them but want to watch them again, or know them inside and out and want to take me to task for what I write about them.

I'm a very open-minded Doctor Who fan, and I'm willing to accept and enjoy pretty much every episode of Who for what it is and for the time that it was made. So you won't find me chastising who slow some 60's episodes are, how tacky some 70's episodes are, or how bad some 80's episodes are. Well, not too much, anyway.

This should be a fun experience for me, and I hope for you, as well. I'll probably use this blog to compose a journal of my thoughts whilst we at Radio Free Skaro make our appearance at Gallifrey 2009 in Los Angeles from February 13-16. After that, expect this blog to really get under way in March.

Thanks for listening to RFS, and thanks in advance for this blog!