Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another Update

Boy, I'm really humming along with this blog now, aren't I? At one writeup a month, I should probably be able to finish this thing by 2136, which means, unless my math fails me, I should be at least well into my 70s when that time rolls around.

There's one main reason why my progress on the blog has stalled in recent weeks - laziness. Ok, two reasons - laziness and Matt Smith. I have become so enveloped in Matt Smith's performance as The Doctor, and in the most recent series of Doctor Who in general, that I can barely bring myself to watch any other era of Doctor Who. That's nothing against all the Doctor Who episodes that have come before (barring a few notable exceptions, of course). It's just that, at this time, I can't envision any other incarnation/era as the definitive representation of the programme. I'm sure that viewpoint will mute itself in the weeks after Series 5 finishes airing, but until then, any reviews (if I felt compelled to write them in the first place) would not be as unbiased as I would have hoped.

My initial goal a few days ago was to finish this blog by the end of August as I'm leaving on a big, long vacation in September. But now comes word that two infinitely more funny and talented writers, namely Who luminaries Rob Shearman and Toby Hadoke, are planning a book trilogy to be released in December that, essentially, will be doing precisely what this blog has tried to do over the past year and a bit - write a humourous and witty review of every single episode of Doctor Who ever - I know have an actual, fearful deadline of the end of November to get this blog done so it can be forgotten and eclipsed by a more superior work on the subject.

So, let's set it back one week from the end of November and set November 23, 2010 as the goal end date for me to complete this blog (well, complete up until the end of Series 5). I started it on the anniversary of the return of Doctor Who on March 26, 2009, and I'll finish on the anniversary of it's original first broadcast. Fitting, really.

Right, then. Four more months of loafing until a month worth of cramming. See you in October (hopefully sooner).

P.S. The above picture is the closest this blog will ever get to reviewing or mentioning Dimensions in Time.