Friday, February 27, 2009

T-Minus One Month

Okay, so the whole "reviewing every episode of Doctor Who ever, starting in February" thing is obviously not going to work out, so I've picked a day to begin my year-long odyssey to bring you my thoughts an opinions of each episode (as I'm sure you're all waiting with breathless anticipation).

March 26. Why March 26? Well, if I was smart, I would have thought up this crazy (and not very original) idea of mine to coincide with November 23, the anniversary of the premiere brodcast of the first episode ever in 1963. But March 26 seems to be just as important a date to NuWho fans, as it was on that day that "Rose" first graced our screens, wowed a nation, and proved to everyone that Doctor Who could be as vital again as it was in its heyday.

So - watch this space on March 26 for my review of "An Unearthly Child", and possibly a couple others if the day goes well enough!


James said...

So having been inspired by reading this blog I have decided to have a try at my own Doctor Who Marathon. Beginning 4th September 2009 I am going to work my way through all of the Doctor Who stories as well posting comments on your entries as I go along (if you have no objections) with my own thoughts and reaction to yours.

Should be made more interesting by the fact that there are quite a lot of the early stories I have never seen with Marco Polo and the Reign of Terror being the only reconstructions I have watched so far, so a lot of the early stories I will be watching for the first time.

Steven said...

Ha! That's fantastic. Yes, please post your reviews. I'm eager to see what someone else would think about doing such a marathon. Best of luck!

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