Monday, April 20, 2009

G5 - Kidnap

I sometimes get upset about the most trivial of things. Sometimes, seemingly minor deaths on Doctor Who affect me more than they should. There's a guard who dies in Episode 6 of The Monster of Peladon whose death always makes me border on the verge of tears. I don't know why. I think it's the way the guard screams as he's blasted by an Ice Warrior - like he legitimately thought he was going to get out of the battle alive. As well, I also think that Varsh's death in Full Circle is quite noteworthy, although that may be down to the fact that I was hoping it would be Adric who gets the chop. To this day, I watch that episode with hope, but the result never changes.

Similarly, the demise of the Second Elder (the REAL Second Elder, not that sash wearing bastard of a City Administrator) has cast a pall over this episode for me. The Second Elder was meek enough, but still served the Sense-sphere quietly and efficiently. He was a devoted family man with a supportive family group. Then, in the midst of merely carrying out his duty, he is kidnapped by the City Administrator and held captive for almost three full episodes. He is repeatedly threatened, as is his precious family group, to the point where he no longer wishes to live. In a last vestige of his life and duty, he sabotages the disintegrator firing key, preventing the City Administrator and his helper (aka The Jerks) from destroying The Doctor. However, in the ensuing struggle, he is killed, having saved the day. Never again does the City Administrator get a better attempt to kill The Doctor, and we will never hear about the Second Elder's bravery again.

And it guts me to this day.

To top things off, the Second Elder doesn't get a parade, no. His superior, the First Elder, with the support and recommendation of The Doctor, Ian, and Susan, simply names a new successor to his post. And who is the lucky Sensorite to be come Second Elder? The f***ing City Administrator! It's like naming Lee Harvey Oswald Vice President after LBJ took over from JFK! Did no one think to take care of the old Second Elder's family group?

Frankly, if this is what justice is like on the Sense-sphere, may an intergalactic war erupt between the Ood and the Sensorites and the Ood win dominion over all Sensorites. And their family groups.

No more today. Too bitter. I'm sure I'll feel differently tomorrow, but I hope Carol, who is kidnapped at episode's end, dies horribly and thinks of the Second Elder's noble sacrifice in her waning moments.


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