Tuesday, April 28, 2009

J2 - Dangerous Journey

Taken out of context, the cliffhanger to Dangerous Journey is probably the worst on ever. Oh no! The sink has been emptied! And that man has just washed his hands! Has he done enough to eliminate the germs?

Of course, the cliffhanger goes to emphasize the differing issues between what the main cast is facing and that which the guest cast is having to endure. This is a rare Doctor Who story in that, for obvious reasons, The Doctor and his companions don't meet a single other character. The tale of the crooked financier and scientist who are behind the deadly pesticide DN6 mostly serves as a reason for briefcases to be moved, poison to be left out, water to be drained, etc. - mundane stuff in Normal World, but life altering stuff in Mini World.

The sets are actually pretty impressive in this episode, particularly the sink set. But, in terms of story, there isn't a great deal happening to sustain interest over four episodes. I wonder how they'll deal with this dramatic gulf in Episodes 3 and 4...


Anonymous said...

You know Land of the Giants completely ripped off this serial's concept (and almost its name)!

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