Thursday, December 3, 2009

5C3 - The Stones of Blood 3

With Romana first dispatched to the TARDIS to help repair K-9, then whisked off to hyperspace by the villainous Vivien Fay, Beatrix Lehmann as Emelia Rumford steps into the role of de facto companion and forms, with Tom Baker, one of the great, dotty pairings in Doctor Who, and about the only time when someone in Tom Baker's company proves to be even more eccentric than Baker.

The scenes between the two are magical, and it's clear that both actors got along famously off camera. because of the lucid styles of both actors, even in an instance like in Episode Three when Lehmann mistimes her lines, which threatens to throw Baker off his dialogue, both actors recover nicely and manage to salvage the scene if only because Emelia's forgetfulness could be easily used to explain Lehmann's botched lines. It's best to watch scenes in which both actors are present twice just so you can concentrate on each actor's performance during the whole scene, especially when they're not speaking. The little bits of business that Baker and Lehmann create for their characters are signs of true professionals.

As mentioned in the last write-up, the main action switches to a strangely designed spaceship in hyperspace and changes complete focus. Darrol Blake, whose direction has been inspired and his ideas revolutionary, takes the time to mic the sound raised rostrum sets of the spaceship to give the floors a metallic sound as opposed to the standard sound that these sets usually have - wood and polystyrene.

Before things go completely into the realm of space fantasy, there is a brief scene that sees a pair of Ogri drain some innocent campers of blood. It's a tiny scene, lasting less than a minute, and is there purely to show how the Ogri actually feed, but it is absolutely horrific without being gruesome. It's a genuinely frightening scene that even Mary Whitehouse would agree with.


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