Thursday, December 24, 2009

5L2 - The Horns of Nimon 2

Romana does a very, very foolish thing in this episode, but, in a way, I'm very glad that she does. In a fit of pique, she slams down her newly made sonic screwdriver before being led out of the ship's bridge by the co-pilot (who manages to sneak in his fourth retort of "weakling scum!" towards the Anethans before returning to the bridge). Conveniently, Romana's lack of screwdriver prevents her from breaking into the bridge again, and thus she is resorted to sitting and hearing Seth and Teka's tales of woe (No other Anethan dares utter a word, lest the actors portraying them get paid more money in a time when, plainly, the budget would run to cover it).

Good thing that we don't see that sonic screwdriver again, because that would have made the already near invincible Doctor/Romana/K-9 combo even more indomitable. The only threat that they've encountered thus far is a very shouty and over-the-top co-pilot...who actually doesn't stand out much in that regard in a story like this.

Back to the panto - look at Sorak's outfit at the top of this page. There has never been a more way out and operatic costume in Doctor Who. And I use the word "operatic" with precision - it looks like there's a replica of the Sydney Opera House on each of Sorak's arms. His helmet is adorned with what appears to be a cross between daggers and horse blinders. The plumage on top of his helmet (and those of the rest of the Skonnon guards) border on making him look like a peacock.

And then there's the comedy sound effects when the TARDIS console explodes, the crowd that doesn't know when to cheer during Soldeed's speech, and, for the second article in a row, Soldeed...


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