Friday, November 20, 2009

4T3 - The Invisible Enemy 3

The Invisible Enemy reminds me slightly of the previous effort from Bob Baker and Dave Martin, The Hand of Fear, in that both stories see one of our heroes taken over briefly by an alien influence, and both stories involve many changes of setting throughout the four episodes.

Episode One of Enemy is predominantly set on Titan Base, while Episode Two takes place mostly at the Bi-Al Foundation. Episode Three, though, occurs mainly in The Doctor's mind - a tacky, cheap looking place if ever there was one. There are a couple of the CSO shots that are legitimately impressive, but, for the most part, it looks like what it is: the Doctor Who production team trying to do Fantastic Voyage with a fraction of the budget for that bigger budget Hollywood epic.

And, again, there are some poor directorial decisions from Derrick Goodwin. The scene where the clone doubles of The Doctor and Leela are injected into The Doctor's brain is laughably bad as the sequence consists entirely of Tom Baker and Louise Jameson standing and spinning around on a studio floor while their image is superimposed over spinning cone of water. And the less said about the precut wall being shot away by the increasingly useful K-9, the better...


Luke said...

The story works so much better with the CG replacements on the DVD.

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