Tuesday, November 24, 2009

4Y4 - Underworld 4

Not knowing much (or anything) of the myth of Jason and the Argonauts at the time, the parallels between that and Underworld were completely lost on me at the time. However, this is Doctor Who at its educational best. Having already taught us about various notable moments and eras in Earth's history during the William Hartnell era, stories like Underworld teach us about ancient mythology, which is perhaps just as important.

Watching Underworld with a more knowing and understanding eye, it now makes me want to research the various myths and legends (pun not intended, DVD fans) on which stories like this one are based.

The Doctor has another shouting match with a giant, bonkers, and, more or less, unseen computer. Only Tom Baker can get away with doing this as many times as he has done so early in the series, and do it so convincingly.

Something I never noticed before - the child that Tom Baker is carrying late in this episode full has a wardrobe malfunction and full on moons the camera before embarrassingly adjusting her clothing after Baker puts her down!

What an enjoyable story, worthy of far more than the scorn it deserves. Watching it in the course of an afternoon may have done it some favours, perhaps, but it's another one of those little neglected gems of which the rediscovery of makes this whole Chronic Hysteresis worthwhile.


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