Tuesday, November 17, 2009

4V2 - Horror of Fang Rock 2

It's more of the Tom Baker show in Episode Two, and that's a good thing. Baker dominates this story, but not at the expense of it, and he is an utter delight to watch. One simply can't take one's eyes off him.

So many brilliant Baker moments occur in this episode. I love (like, punch the air HARD kind of love) how he bursts into the crew room, interrupting Skinsale, Adelaide, and Palmerdale despite having not even met them yet. He's looking for Harker, but as he hasn't left the boat yet, The Doctor slumps down into a chair, pops his feet up on the table, and quietly proclaims, "I'll wait". Several awkward silences ensue before the conversation that The Doctor interrupted starts up again. Then - boom! Baker shoots out of his chair and exclaims "Just a moment! We haven't been introduced!", then slumps back down in the chair again, seemingly ignoring the subdued introductions of the trio via a slightly stymied Skinsale.

Later in the same scene, Palmerdale is lamenting his inability to get to London to see his broker, when The Doctor bursts out of his chair, hopefully boasting, "Ah! You want to get to London!". Palmerdale leaps forward, excited by The Doctor's impeding solution, but is let down when The Doctor points a finger at him and bites, "You've no chance in this fog." Such humour and such disdain for fools have seldom been amalgamated into one dynamite performance like Tom Baker does in certain scenes in these episodes.


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