Wednesday, January 13, 2010

5S3 - Warriors' Gate 3

I have to admit. Once characters start disappearing into mirrors and walking through strange, black and white still images of stately English homes which takes them back in time to an age when the Tharils were lords and masters, then I start getting a tad confused. At times during this episode, I felt like Adric - wandering around a white void, flipping coins.

Up until now, I've been depending on The Doctor to help me through this one. When he passed through the mirror and started pleading for answers from Biroc, I was nodding along with The Doctor when the Tharil gave his cryptic responses. But it frustrates me to this day when The Doctor figures it out for himself, out loud, but stops while figuring out what the Gateway actually is. For one of the few times in this Chronic Hysteresis, I actually had to go back and rewatch sections building up to this moment so that I could finally understand.

It was only then when I realized that the scatterbrained K-9, his memory wafers shredded by the time winds, has been spewing out the fact that the Gateway is collapsing all along. And here I thought, along with everyone else, that he was just babbling…


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