Friday, January 15, 2010

5T2 - The Keeper of Traken 2

The Doctor and Adric meet Nyssa in this episode, and the groundwork is laid for another (last minute) addition to the TARDIS crew. Usually, when a new companion is introduced into the series, that companion's initial scenes outline the course which his or her character will take over the next few stories, and serve as a bit of a showcase.

If Nyssa's first few scenes are any indication of what's to come, then please leave her on Traken. This is no slight at all against Sarah Sutton, I would like to stress, but Nyssa is the very epitome of a posh, privileged genius who has obviously been to private school on Traken. She also talks like a polite android, making scenes between her and Adric immensely stale and rife with Bidmeadian pseudo-science. In fact, Nyssa initially comes across as a female version of Adric, only better acted and slightly less awkward.

Oddly, though, the Adric-Nyssa team brings out each of their better qualities. Adric doesn't seem half as annoying as he did when he was nipping at Romana's elbows, cloying for attention. In fact, Adric, with his modicum of other-worldly experience, takes on a Doctor role to Nyssa's companion as the pair of them handle the more scientific aspects of the plot while The Doctor and Tremas (the more interesting double act in this story) handle the basic, more interesting stuff.

On to Episode Three. I think this Melkur fellow is more than he seems, by the way.


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