Friday, January 15, 2010

5T3 - The Keeper of Traken 3

See, here we go now - Nyssa packing heat in the form on an "ion bonder", a device which works much like a stun gun, wasting fosters left and right. Considering she made this device on her own, and that she is a deadly shot with it, leads me to believe that Nyssa is actually a secret member of the Traken Rifle Association, and that if Tremas were to find out, he'd be beside himself (which he just very well may be by the end of this story).

This Nyssa I could become a fan of. Not that we need a gun toting teenaged girl in a fairy skirt on Doctor Who (I can hear the frantic nattering of computer keyboards as scores of fanfic writers work on expanding that premise as I type this), but these scenes with Nyssa at least give her some sort of spark, something which was all but absent in Episode Two.

I have to laugh at Proctor Neman, though, truly an inept character. On his agenda this story is: get bribed, get bribed again, but turn it down, get knocked out by a teenager armed with an ion bonder, attempt to kill The Doctor, only to get knocked out with the same ion bonder, knocked out a third time (this time by headbutt), then eventually, and mercifully, killed by a possessed Tremas. And The had the good mind to promote him to official servant (wearing the red choker, like Kassia before him. What was he thinking? No wonder his plan to become Keeper never worked...


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