Wednesday, February 3, 2010

6E3 - Arc of Infinity 3

As if the changes in decor and imposing atmosphere in Arc of Infinity from the much superior The Deadly Assassin weren't enough, then 80s Who had to tangle with one of the great surrealist sequences in Doctor Who by delving into the Matrix.

In Assassin, The Doctor is thwarted by strange samurai warriors, steam trains, bi-planes, hunters, and Mary Whitehouse in a bizzaro environment. In Arc, The Doctor, and later Tegan, appear to be perched precariously on barstools in front of a bluescreen while poor video effects are overlaid on the picture. Oh, wait - that's exactly what it was. Sigh...

Also, who is training Gallifrey's chancellery guard? Nyssa outdraws each and every one of them in her and The Doctor's escape through the corridors. Was her proficiency with the ion bonder in The Keeper of Traken not an apparition after all? There's some good stuff in Arc of Infinity, mostly the professional performances from the likes of Peter Davison and Michael Gough, but it's becoming overshadowed by some very poor design choices.


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