Thursday, February 18, 2010

6M1 - The Awakening 1

People who say that it took until the new series for Doctor Who to look at the family lives of its companions forget about Tegan for who we met three relations during her time in the TARDIS. After dispatching with Aunt Vanessa in Logopolis, and imprisoning her cousin Colin in an anti-matter TARDIS and guared by a giant chicken in Arc of Infinity, we were slated to meet Tegan's grandfather, Andrew Verney, in The Awakening.

I kind of like the notion of the TARDIS materializing in a sleepy little village for an afternoon visit. In the early John Nathan-Turner era, with most stories flowing into the next one in some way or other, there never seemed time for such a thing to happen. Two-part stories seem to be perfect for these types of diversions, but, of course, things never stay normal for long, and soon The Doctor is being menaced by over zealous war gamers and 17th century pick pockets.

An entertaining little episode that features some interesting camera shots and direction by Michael Owen Morris in is only Doctor Who work.

Kamelion Watch: None. The automaton actually appeared in a scene that was later cut for timing reasons. Perhaps he's the bucket that Tegan uses to clean up Malus puke in Episode Two.


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