Friday, February 12, 2010

6L2 - Warriors of the Deep 2

Leave it to John Nathan-Turner to be so against costume changes for his lead characters that he would write in The Doctor's one and only permanent costume change into the script by having The Doctor change out of his wet clothes and into a guard's smelly costume. The pullover that The Doctor wears in this story would never be seen again, discarded at that moment and replaced next story with a slightly different one. In a way, it's kind of refreshing to see the Fifth Doctor out of his normal costume for the only time during his run.

Davison's Doctor is just about the only good thing about this episode. His handing the gun over to Vorshak to get everyone to trust him his brilliant. It reminds me of a similar scene in Full Circle when Romana hands over Tylos's knife, stunning her captors into submission. The Fifth Doctor also shows a rare distaste for humans, almost siding with the Silurians, just as his third self did on both occasions that he met them.

Unfortunately, though, there is so much that is bad about this story that's starting to show through the cracks. The Sea Devils are simply terrible, wearing ridiculous samurai costumes and moving at slower than a snail's pace. The lighting, as been famously stated everywhere when talking to this story, is far too flat and bright. The Myrka knocks down a bendable door that is supposed to be a metal bulkhead several inches thick. Oh, and the Myrka....


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