Friday, March 5, 2010

6Q2 - Planet of Fire 2

Peter Wyngarde gives a really good performance as Timonov in this story, perhaps the best guest appearance since Julian Glover's turn in City of Death. Wyngarde is totally believable as the over zealous religious leader. He doesn't seem mad in his beliefs. They are completely normal to him, so how can he be out of his mind? He is 100% set in his ways as a result, and despite the efforts from those around him, it doesn't look like he'll waver in his convictions.

Another strong performance in this episode comes from Anthony Ainley as The Master. Ainley has been more or less hamming it up in his recent appearances as The Doctor's arch enemy, possibly against his best wishes. You get a sense of how Ainley would have really liked to play the part from day one in this story, especially as the Kamelion-Master. There are elements of the Kalid Master whenever the action cuts to him in his control room, but it's a much more understated Master when he's half robot. I credit the respectable suit that the K-Master wears. The Master has always looked best in a plain three-piece suit, and it's good to see him clad in some nice threads again.

Speaking of clothes, it's good to see The Doctor and Turlough out of their usual costumes for this story, as necessitated by the extreme temperatures of the Canary Islands. The only unfortunate circumstances of this is that the removal of The Doctor's jacket and sweater reveal another opportunity to plaster something with John Nathan-Turner's beloved question mark motif, this time with The Doctor's suspenders supposedly enhancing the character's mystery. And it would only get worse...


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