Tuesday, March 16, 2010

6S3 - The Twin Dilemma 3

The poor costume masquerade continues in this episode with really awful costume/makeup jobs on the part of the servants of Mestor. They're meant to be some sort of bird people, resplendent with feathers, but have no wings and never convince us that there isn't just a lump of malformed makeup on the ends of their noses when we should be imagining that they're beaks.

Mestor himself is quite ludicrous. Apparently a giant slug, his eyes are like giant Coke bottle glasses, but he actually looks more like an owl - again, with no wings. Mestor also has a hell of a time getting around, content on staying in his throne room, but guided around by two of his servants whenever he wishes to leave those friendly confines.

All these elements come together in a scene worth cringing about when Mestor executes a peasant for stealing vegetables. The worst bit is when the peasant begs to be shot instead of "that" - embolism on the part of Mestor's mind control. The whole thing looks and feels like something straight out of pantomime, meant to inspire fear in the audience for the main villain but, like that peasant, it falls completely flat.

Maybe this story really is as bad as they all say after all...


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