Tuesday, March 16, 2010

6S2 - The Twin Dilemma 2

There is much about The Twin Dilemma that makes little to no sense. Hugo is locked in the TARDIS, unconscious, while The Doctor and Peri go outside to bicker...er...explore the surface of Titan 3. Before leaving, Peri hides the power pack of Hugo's gun somewhere in the wardrobe...in the exact (gaudy) top that Hugo, for some reason, decides to try on. Convenient, that. In fact, why is so much attention paid to characters changing costumes in this story? Is it because each costume chosen by The Doctor, Peri, and Hugo are unanimously awful? Or is it because John Nathan-Turner forbade such costume changes before that when it finally happens, it's an event?

Why does Azmael change his name to Edgeworth for parts of this story? He's not fooling anyone with his attempts at disguising his identity. Only The Doctor knows his real name, and it's Azmael's face that he recognizes before he twigs upon the name. As Azmael has never been mentioned in Doctor Who until now, there's no reason to take the viewers' considerations into account because they've never heard of Azmael or Edgeworth either. Quite silly.

But most superfluous, yet criminally damaging, of all is the inclusion of the eponymous twins, Romulus and Remus. In including them, it cornered poor director Peter Moffat into finding a set of identical twin children who could act. Fair dos to Moffat - he did the best he could with the Conrad twins and kept their screen time to a minimum. But there is never a reason for there to be twins in the first place. There's no crazy capers that usually happen when twins are involved by passing off one as the other or other such hijinks. Had it just been two genius children that Azmael was after (which is equally ridiculous - are the twins really that smart to force Azmael to cross the galaxy to find them?), then two mildly decent child actors could have been cast instead of the two non-actors (that's not an insult; that's a fact) that were eventually thrust into the roles.

Despite all these faults, the story has been at least watchable, and is in no way deserving of it's last place finish in that infamous DWM poll. There's at least three stories that are worse, surely.


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