Saturday, August 8, 2009

ZZ2 - The War Games 2

One thing that General Smythe should employ is a lock for the door to his room. In the last episode, someone almost walked in on Smythe communicating with headquarters via the futuristic videophone in his office. In this episode, he has to put the spooky hypno-specs on to convince Ransom has seen nothing and that Smythe is away at an important meeting, after Ransom walks in on Smythe about to enter a strange, alien box. Smythe - just lock the door next time and neither of these things would have happened!

From the start of this story, it feels as if the entire world wants to capture and kill The Doctor and his friends, so one can't hope but feel a little bit warm and fuzzy whenever they get the tiniest bit of help from anyone - Lady Jennifer, Lieutenant Carstairs, even the redcoat, Jamie's natural enemy, who is seen in two scenes during Jamie's failed escape attempt. The odds are against our heroes, and they need all the help they can get.

Lady Jennifer and Carstairs are finally convinced of the details of the strange situation that they're in when they break through their conditioning and see General Smythe's communication unit. This story seems to have at least one of these magical little moments that propel the story along just a little bit at a time. After two episodes, The War Games is deliberately paced, but contains just enough action to warrant continued watching.


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