Tuesday, August 25, 2009

FFF3 - The Mind of Evil 3

Jo has another great episode, showing even more hope for the character. The way she takes charge during the overthrow of the prison revolt is marvelous. It's also interesting to see how much time Jo and Dr. Summers spend together in this story. Their screen time together almost outnumbers Jo's time spent on screen with The Doctor.

It's tough to talk about any episode of The Mind of Evil without mentioning Roger Delgado as The Master. I jumped the gun in the last post when I mentioned The Master's cigar smoking and his enjoyment of King Crimson (these things actually happen in this episode), but he is still way cool. He and Mailer make an irresistible duo - almost a perfect Time Lord/companion foil to The Doctor and Jo.

Mailer's first meeting with The Doctor is fantastic (The Doctor shouts "Don't point that thing at me! It might go off!" when Mailer points his rifle at him.). While the fact that control of the prison changes hands three times in this episode, it was necessary to have Mailer's initial attempt to overthrow the governor fail (despite initially succeeding) so that The Master would have ground to stand on when trying to convince Mailer later on that he was on his side.

Another cracking episode, but for the third cliffhanger in a row, the Keller Machine is seen to threaten someone as the credits roll, and, for the second time, it's The Doctor who's in trouble...


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