Monday, August 10, 2009

ZZ6 - The War Games 6

Who would have thought that someone called Vernon Dobtcheff, with his back turned to camera, would be the person to deliver one of the most important lines in Doctor Who history? but that's just what happens a couple minutes into Episode Six when Dobtcheff's Chief Scientist and the Security Chief are discussing the War Chief (that's a lotta chiefs). The Security Chief surmises that The Doctor and his time traveling friends were involved because of the influence of the War Chief and "his people". This leads the Chief Scientist to ask, "Are you suggesting he's bringing in his own people? The Time Lords?"

Time Lords. For the first time ever, The Doctor's race has a name, and the focus of the programme has never been the same since. Up until The War Games, The Doctor has never had a definite background to fall back on. Oh sure, there have been hints and mentions of a time before we met him in that scrapyard in 1963, but this is the first definite proof that The Doctor had a home, but, for some reason, left it to travel the universe on his own.

More nuggets of The Doctor's past are surely to be revealed in the episodes to come as The Doctor's past catches up with him. And why haven't I mention the War Chief's beard yet? Quite clearly the coolest facial hair in the history of the programme.


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