Wednesday, August 12, 2009

BBB1 - Doctor Who and the Silurians 1

The first scene featuring The Doctor in this episode is one of him fixing up his new car, Bessie. Bessie would become the de facto replacement for the TARDIS during the first half of the Pertwee era, performing the necessary function of moving The Doctor from place to place, but also displaying some fantastic technology that proves useful in sticky situations. In that respect, Bessie also serves the automobile version of the Sonic Screwdriver.

Taking into account where the relationship between The Doctor and the Brigadier would go in the years to come, it's fascinating to see how it starts in this episode. The Doctor, for one of the few times during his exile, isn't preoccupied with trying to break the Time Lords' hold over him and his TARDIS. Instead, he's quite willing to answer to (with some initial reluctance) the Brigadier's beckon call to come down to the Wenley Moor research station. The Brigadier is already in charge of the situation at Wenley Moor, and is merely calling The Doctor in to assist in matters. Still, there is some great indignant acting from Pertwee as he wanders off while Dr. Lawrence briefs everyone on the situation upon The Doctor's arrival. Here is a Doctor who has accepted his lot and his forced stay on Earth, but he by no means likes it.

And, although I thought Spearhead From Space looked fantastic on film, somehow the look of studio scenes shot on videotape just feels like Doctor Who...


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