Friday, August 28, 2009

HHH2 - Colony in Space 2

I mentioned in The Claws of Axos that Bill Filer had one of the more rambunctious hairstyles in Doctor Who history, but that his would not be the last 'do to shock and awe us in Season 8. I present to you the champion of weird (read: bad) hairstyles of all time - that of Morris Perry as Captain Dent.

I only include one photo per post on this blog, but Dent's hair really deserves to have two or three pictures of it because it seems to take on another life of its own from each angle that you view it. I love the asymmetry of it; it's an anomaly. When viewed from the left, it looks completely different than when viewed from the right. Yet when you look at Dent from behind, it is not immediately apparent how both sides as viewed from the front can somehow form what we see in the back. I am dying (dying!) for Character Options to release a Uxarieus gift set featuring a 3D version of Captain Dent so we can finally solve this problem once and for all.

By the way, like The Claws of Axos, this story is proving to be nowhere near as dull as its low reputation implies. It's a good old fashioned western set in space. Although, really, how small is this planet that both the colonists and IMC are so keen to fight over the same patch of land? Is there really no way that either party can move, oh, I don't know, 50 miles east of one another?


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