Wednesday, September 2, 2009

JJJ3 - The Daemons 3

The Daemons is often cited by critics and fans alike as the high point of the "UNIT family" era, but it really only serves as the first major example of the devaluing of the Brigadier as a character. The element of the Brigadier being out of the loop in this story (figuratively and, and as seen in this episode, literally) is played up for dramatic and comedic effect.

First, the Brigadier is blissfully unaware of the proceedings at Devil's End while he's enjoying a night out on the town. The next morning, when he discovers what's been happening, he can't get a hold of any of his senior staff. Once he finally arrives on the scene, he's thwarted by the Daemon's heat barrier, preventing him (or anyone else, for that matter) from entering or leaving the village. The problem is that the Brigadier's presence isn't missed inside the village. Him not being there doesn't affect the story either way, apart from when Yates or Benton make occasional calls to the Brig via their two-way radio.

Sadly, this will not be the first time that the Brigadier will be seen as ineffectual as he is here before UNIT is phased out of the programme completely in a few seasons' time.


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