Thursday, September 17, 2009

RRR3 - The Three Doctors 3

Kudos have to be given to the designers of this episode - both set designer Roger Liminton and costume designer James Acheson. Liminton's design for Omega's main chamber is suitably grand, even though the rest of Omega's castle seems to be encrusted with the remnants of Jello salad and old Christmas decorations. Where Liminton truly succeeds is with his design of the TARDIS console room. Intended to echo the first console room seen in An Unearthly Child, this console room could very well be my favourite of all time, which makes it such a tragedy that it would be seen in so few stories.

Acheson' Time Lord costume designs aren't the ones that he's famous for (those made their debut three years after this in The Deadly Assassin), but in the shoulder pieces and the gowns that each Time Lord wears, you can see the evolution to the costume we've come to know and love. Although one does wonder which Time Lord chapter had "blue sparkle" as their colour...
Another success is Acheson's design for Omega's outfit. Omega created his own world, and so, naturally, would design himself a noble and bombastic outfit to suit his noble and bombastic personality. After seeing how tall Omega is with his mask on, though, and after seeing how low the doorways are in the corridors of his castle, you can tell that Omega pretty much stayed in his throne room for most of the time.

What I love about this story is how many characters there are that get a fare share of the screen time, and yet the story progresses naturally to set up the various scenarios the characters find themselves in. Other than the literal contrivance that forces the Time Lords to pull the first two Doctors out of their respective times and plunk them into the Third Doctor's timeline, nothing seems forced in regards to the story. Everything is tightly plotted by Bob Baker and Dave Martin to the point of perfection. This story is just lovely.


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