Wednesday, September 2, 2009

KKK1 - Day of the Daleks 1

In Episode One of Day of the Daleks, Jon Pertwee and/or The Doctor himself have never, ever appeared as cool in the history of Doctor Who or, in fact, that of the universe itself. Pertwee's hair is just the right size of bouffant, his red smoking jacket is a refreshing change from the predominantly black jackets he's worn during his first two seasons on the show, and his blue cape compliments his look perfectly.

When staying the night at Auderly House, The Doctor sits content, nibbling on fine cheeses and critiquing Sir Reginald Styles's wine collection. In the morning, The Doctor's peace of mind is threatened when one of the rebels, Shura, breaks in to the study through the window, intent on attacking him. Shura rushes The Doctor, who has just come through the door holding a glass of wine. The Doctor hits Shura with a shot to the gut ("Hai!"), then chops him to the ground with a blow to the back of the neck ("Ha!") - and all while holding, and not spilling, his wine! The Doctor then casually takes a sip and puts the glass down in time to deflect another attack from the recovering Shura.

Such coolness cannot be taught, developed, or written. You either have it or you don't. And, in Day of the Daleks, Jon Pertwee unquestionably has (sentenced separated for dramatic effect).


Some horrible sounding Daleks sully the first appearance of the pepper pots in five years, but I'll get to them later. Nothing can possibly top His Coolness right now.


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