Tuesday, September 22, 2009

QQQ5 - Frontier in Space 5

Escape update: Finally, things are settling down for The Doctor and Jo. After being held captive by the Draconians for the first third of this episode, The Doctor finally manages to get someone to see his side of the story and convinces the Draconian Emperor that he is on their side. For the first time since The Doctor got involved, he is free and now able to help in the situation. Jo is not so lucky, though, as she is captured by the Ogrons towards the end of the episode. Can't win 'em all...

The set design for the Draconian Emperor's throne room is impressive, and the added reverb creates a grandiose feel to the few scenes that take place in the room. I've spoken about the design of the Draconians themselves before, but I will again here, focusing on their costumes. Notice how only the nobility of Draconia have the peaks on their shoulder armour, whereas the soldiers and minions do not. Little touches like that are what make Draconia such a believable race, and one whose empire has succeeded through the reigns of at least sixteen different emperors.

Jo really comes into her own in this episode. Having been very quickly hypnotized in her (and The Master's) first appearance in Terror of the Autons, it seemed appropriate that this attempt, the second and last one by The Master, would be foiled by a stronger and more assured Jo.


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