Monday, September 28, 2009

TTT5 - The Green Death 5

The Green Death not only sees UNIT basking in it's last shining moment, but the post-Season Seven Jon Pertwee is also positively indomitable in this. Stern when he has to be, calm when he can be, caring when needs to be, and funny when he wants to be, Pertwee is a man on top of his game.

His first meeting with the BOSS had me grinning from ear to ear. That such a wonderful, comedic rapport could be had between The Doctor and a computer is a testament to both Jon Pertwee and, especially, John Dearth as the voice of BOSS. My favourite bit? When The Doctor figures out that the computer's title (Biomorphic Organisational Systems Supervisor) stands for its name: "B, O, double S. The BOSS! Ha!"

This story has been full of so many wonderful moments, all of them faultlessly directed by Michael Briant, who, himself, was experiencing his finest hour in Doctor Who. And please don't start about some of the dodgy CSO and giant maggots disguised as inflatable condoms. The sheer charm of this story glosses over any quibbles one might have with the physical nature of the production. The Green Death is the Jon Pertwee era's answer to City of Death (about which more, obviously, later) - both utter delights from start to finish. And, yes, if you must, both stories have Death in the title...

Oh, right. There's still one more episode in this story...


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