Friday, October 16, 2009

4E3 - Genesis of the Daleks 3

Okay, so the cliffhanger resolution in this episode to the sterling ending of Episode Two is a massive cheat, but does lead into another shocking and sadistic scene as a Thal guard dangles Sarah off the edge of the rocket, taunting her for a few seconds before mercifully hauling her back up to safety. The shift of tone between the Letts era and the Hinchcliffe has been swift and mindblowing.

There are some great Davros/Nyder scenes in this episode which seem to highlight Nyder's growing lack of confidence in Davros's decisions, but it's his undying loyalty that wins out in the end. When Nyder questions Davros on his plan to turn the whole of the Kaled people into Daleks, he seems appalled at first, but when Davros asks him if he was surprised by this eventuality, Nyder answers "no" in way that just about convinces himself and only himself, but also in a way that offers his loyalty towards Davros in whatever else he is planning.

My favourite Davros/Nyder scene in this episode, though? It's the one where Nyder informs Davros that The Doctor and Harry have been sighted in the Thal dome. Not necessarily for the dialogue between Davros and Nyder, but because of David Maloney's choice of camera shots. Maloney starts the scene with a closeup of a Dalek gun, then zooms up to Nyder when he enters the room. When Davros gives his reaction to Nyder's news, the camera begins with a similar shot as the Dalek gun, but this time, it's of Davros's own withered hand, panning up towards his decrepit face as he spouts his bile and anger quietly. It's a visual reminder of the fact that the Daleks are designed in Davros's own withered image - the Daleks' one arm is a gun, and Davros's one working eye, the electronic eye in the middle of his forehead, is replicated by the singular Dalek eyestalk.


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