Thursday, October 1, 2009

WWW5 - Invasion of the Dinosaurs 5

Sergeant Benton has always been lovable and reliable, and never more in this story. Not only does he look like an angel in comparison to the other UNIT regular, Captain Yates, but his willingness to allow The Doctor to knock him out and escape from UNIT mobile HQ is rather heartwarming. It's also clear that Benton and Yates were friends, despite their difference in rank, and it's unfortunate to watch Benton's reaction to The Doctor telling him that his friend is a traitor.

Most of this episode features The Doctor on the run from UNIT soldiers, which is unique enough to be interesting, but instead just seems like more padding in a story that started off with an episode that was almost entirely filled with story padding. It does let Sarah escape from the spaceship in the bunker, though, although, like The Doctor, she simply ends up where she started from - held captive in the bunker.

The very end of the episode is, regrettably, another shot of the Tyrannosaurus Rex model in what promises to be a truly underwhelming fight sequence. This story has been much better than its reputation would lead one to believe, but there are one or two devastating flaws (padding and dinosaurs) that threaten to curtail the story's success.


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