Monday, October 5, 2009

YYY2 - The Monster of Peladon 2

There have been some silly hairdos in Doctor Who (one need look no further than Bill Filer and Captain Dent in Season 8 for proof of that). But what exactly is the reasoning for making all the Pel miners wear badger Afros on their heads?

All the miners have them, but no one else on Peladon does. Are the miners of a different species than the rest of the inhabitants of Peladon? Are they even from the same planet originally? Is the badger Afro (henceforth known as the "Bafro") a characteristic of Peladon's oft-neglected indigenous population, and that, on top of the satire of the coal miner strikes of the early 1970s, The Monster of Peladon is also an allegory on how world governments have treated the aboriginal people living in their respective countries?

If it is hair, and the mines are as hot as the miners claim they are, surely such a warm and fuzzy hairdo would be detrimental to the job the miners are doing, as such a hairdo would not only make their heads hot, but it must surely become covered in dust and soot almost constantly. Plus, and this is perhaps the most important question, do the miners know how silly they look? Do the guards laugh at them a lot? Because I would.

This Pel Bafro conundrum consumed my every though while watching this episode. I can only assume everything else that happened with the story went fine.


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