Monday, October 5, 2009

YYY3 - The Monster of Peladon 3

1970s feminism is given a rare boost in Doctor Who in this episode for one scene, before it all comes crashing back down to Earth again just seconds afterward. The scene in question is when The Doctor, before leaving the dejected Queen in her throne room, instructs Sarah to have a quick word with her about women's lib (which Terrance Dicks, esteemed civil rights soldier that he is, has trouble specifically understanding, as seen through Sarah's awkward dialogue. The scene does, however, contain the great line "There's nothing only about being a girl.")

Well versed enough in his own eyes about women's equal rights, The Doctor retires to the communications room (where Alpha Centauri really should set up a cot as she spends most of this whole story there) and engages in a chat with the phallic hexapod. In comes Sarah, fresh off her empowering chat with the Queen, and what does The Doctor do? Swats her down for trying to interrupt his conversation with Centauri. Hope you enjoyed your moment, Sarah. You'll seldom have another one this season.

Once it becomes known that Federation soldiers will be sent in to help with the situation on Peladon, and that Ortron is now pleading with the same miners with whom he is fighting to project an image of peace in order to fool the soldiers, you can almost see the expiration date on Ortron's forehead...

And how about that cliffhanger? The Ice Warriors are back, and they seem to be bad guys again! I'm not sure how much was known about their return when this story first aired, but it isn't half exciting to see the the Martian loom in the doorway as the closing credits roll...


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