Monday, October 26, 2009

4J3 - The Android Invasion 3

So let me get this straight - the duplicate Devesham, with all its intricately designed and duplicated buildings, coins, dartboards, calendars, and, most importantly, villagers, is all just one giant training ground for their eventual (and I do mean eventual) invasion of Earth?

Why do they need to recreate the entire village when all they're looking to do is gain control of the space centre? Are the androids who are preceding the re-entry of Guy Crayford's by landing on Earth (or, more accurately, England) really going to track down their duplicates, one by one, and try and overtake them when no one is looking? And, again, why would they do this? Why is it important to destroy the training village when they leave for Earth?

So much in The Android Invasion is just so contrived with little or no reason for it to be happening, other than give viewers a chance to see evil twin versions of The Doctor, Sarah, Harry and Benton. There's not even a decent main villain in this story as the Kraals, which have impressive looking masks (and were the only rhinoceros-based aliens in the series until the Judoon came along to take that prize), but they wear boots that look more akin to those that a road crew would wear. Say what you will about the duplicate Devesham, but I bet you the asphalt roads were immaculately crafted.


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