Monday, October 26, 2009

4J4 - The Android Invasion 4

It's interesting that both Barry Letts's first and last stories that he directed in Doctor Who, The Enemy of the World and this story, contained evil doubles of The Doctor (amongst others, in The Android Invasion), and ended with technical difficulties resulting in botched finales.

In The Enemy of the World, the dramatic duel between Salamander and The Doctor had to be edited down to a few brief shots after most of the film of the event proved unusable. In The Android Invasion, Letts ran out of time on the final studio day, and so some scenes that were crucial to the story, most notably those explaining what happened to the Kraal invasion fleet and how the android Doctor was reactivated when the signal from the radio telescope had rendered all androids inactive, had to be dropped and were never recorded.

As a result, this story ends as vaguely and uninspired as most of the scenes that preceded it. The Android Invasion is a rare misstep in the Philip Hinchcliffe era. Or, to put it another way, The Android is a rare misstep in the Philip Hinchcliffe era that still managed to earn over 11 million viewers a week.


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