Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Q2 - The Dimensions of Time

After the weird opening episode to this serial, Part Two seems to settle down in an entirely different place than where the tone of Part One left off. We're introduced to a whole bevy of (totally forgettable) characters and situations, and all the neat stuff about time tracks and jumping and such from the first installment are now a distant memory.

In its place, hackneyed dialogue from tired and bored Moroks who seem to regularly drop into conversation how many days there are in a Morok year, just in case they had forgotten. The governor of the Moroks, (Sheriff) Lobos, seems to be at his wits' end for the whole episode, if not the whole story. He also must work alone, because it's like he is singlehandedly responsible for dispensing the entire history of the Moroks' conflict with the Xerons to anyone he meets. When The Doctor is captured and interrogated by Lobos, he barely has to say anything to get the governor to sing like a canary. Who's really asking the questions here?

The whole thing ends with The Doctor being taken away to be processed and frozen, thus giving William Hartnell a welcome week long break from the monotony of this story. I hope his agent got a nice bonus payment for that.


Keir said...

yeah, I thought episode one had great atmosphere, and now we get a lot of dull characters with dull lines.

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