Monday, May 25, 2009

U4 - Horse of Destruction

It is immediately apparent to the viewer, as it was to producer John Wiles and script editor Donald Tosh when they created her, that the character of Katarina was so primitive and backwards that there was absolutely no hope in having her on board the TARDIS without grinding any scene that she's in to a complete halt. She's even slow-witted for ancient Troy.

It is Vicki who arranges her, as it would turn out, short term stay in the TARDIS. As such, while she thought that she was saving the young handmaiden from certain death at the hands of the Greeks (with the help of The Doctor, of course), she has instead merely delayed her horrible death for the equally horrible she will incur in a few short weeks' time. You know things are taking a bloody turn when even Vicki's lily white hands are covered in blood.

For the second companion departure in a row, The Doctor and companion(s) say their farewells offscreen, and we only see the emotional effects on the respective parties after the scene has finished. That said, The Doctor's quick ruminations about Vicki aboard the TARDIS at episode's end are less convincing, and less moving, than his short and simple speech about Ian and Barbara at the end of The Chase.

The Myth Makers has been an enjoyable watch, if not altogether memorable, but it's more notable, for me, as the first of many cast changes that were to occur before season's end.


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