Tuesday, May 19, 2009

T3 - Air Lock

...in which Steven is given even less to do than in Episode Two. In the first half, he's pretending to be asleep to try and (eventually) overtake the Drahvins guarding him in the Drahvin ship. Once he succeeds in doing that, he spends the latter half of the episode trapped in the eponymous air lock, waiting (like the rest of us) for the damn episode to end so he can finally be rescued.

Vicki, meanwhile, has settled down from her shock experience at the end of Episode Two and is listening to the obligatory infodump coming out of the Rill leader. Or, more accurately, the Chumbly boom box in the room with them, as Rills do not have the ability to speak on their own. Why? Because they're so alien! And such alien aliens can't possibly be trusted, can they?

Turns out they can, as, surprise, the Rills are actually the innocent party on this planet, and the ones that actually tried helping the Drahvins until the warlike female race fought back. This bombshell is dropped so soon in the episode, and The Doctor, Vicki, and Steven buy into this notion and agree to help the Rills so quickly that you have to expect a twist in Episode Four, right?



Erik said...

Now that this episodes has been found, I request, nay, demand that you watch it and update this blog post. Perhaps your opinion would change now that we can see this episode in all its glory!

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