Friday, May 8, 2009

N5 - Invasion

Sometimes, out of nowhere, minor character deaths in Doctor Who sometimes leave an impression on the viewer (something I've mentioned before), and another such death occurs when an Optera, Nemini, sacrifices herself to prevent an acid flow from killing the rest of the party. Never before have I cared so much for a pile of foam and felt. Sniff.

Anyway, it's nice to see The Doctor and Vicki finally get out of the Carsinome and do something for a change in this episode. But then there's a truly terrible sequence where the Menoptra try and distract and disorient a Zarbi by yelling "Zaaaaaaaarrrrrrbi! Zaaaaarbiiiii!". How embarrassing.

I've tried to like this story, but something's been bugging me about it, and this has distracted me from the job at hand. On to the next post.....


Anonymous said...

Something's been BUGGING you about The Web Planet? I hope that terrible pun was intentional!

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