Thursday, May 14, 2009

R2 - The Death of Time

"The Death of Time", this episode is called. Nothing could be closer to the truth, although it's more appropriate for the previous episode and, indeed, this story as a whole - a time killer.

This story seems like a remake/sequel to Nation's earlier effort The Keys of Marinus (and, god, weren't we all screaming for that to happen?) in that the TARDIS crew moves from place to underdeveloped place, has a short, unsatisfying adventure, then moves along to somewhere else. Lather, rinse, repeat. This episode, we meet the Aridians, strange looking amphibian-looking people who speak slightly funny and have a serious problem with their headpieces staying glued on. It's lucky that they are called the Aridians, given that their home planet is arid. But it wasn't always like this. Before the Mire Beasts came along, the planet was an ocean world. So were they called the Oceanians back then?

Anyway, the Aridians look like they capture The Doctor and Barbara in one scene, but it turns out they only wanted to dispense the history of their planet and their life story to anyone who listened. I'll say one thing for the Aridians - they die well, getting zapped by Daleks one moment, and getting mauled by a pile of polystyrene that is the Mire Beast the next. Barbara tries desperately to save an Aridian from the gaping maw of the Beast (assuming it has a maw to gape with), but The Doctor realizes what's best for all involved and drags her away from the Beast and his latest meal.

The Daleks are getting thicker as the story goes on, too, being easily lured into a trap set by Ian. You can tell that Terry Nation is already starting to bore of his creations by this point, and, with these last couple of episodes, he's doing his best to make the programme's audience be bored with them, as well.


osirun said...

Maybe Aridius was initially named ironically, in much the same way as Greenland. And then, the ironies kept on coming.

I'm sure I'd run out of fingers if I started to list #terrynationcrapliteralnamesforplanets (sorry, I usually arrive here direct from Twitter). Desperus, home of desperate convicts. Marinus, which has oceans. Invisible Visians. I bet the list goes on. We're just lucky the Daleks weren't called the Evilrobotons really.

Keir said...

There must have been something good about that episode, you'd think. But just having watched it I can't think of anything. Not even the regulars.

Anonymous said...

"the TARDIS crew moves from place to underdeveloped place, has a short, unsatisfying adventure, then moves along to somewhere else."

I can't think of a better way to describe RTD's 4th series. Perhaps he was going for a Terry Nation homage?

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