Tuesday, May 19, 2009

T2 - Trap of Steel

One thing I'm noticing about Galaxy Four is that I'm not sure there's enough story to stretch over four episodes. This much is apparent once the time frame for the story is established at the end of Episode One. There's only one more day until the nearby sun explodes and envelopes the planet, yet there is very little urgency in any of the character's actions.

Instead, The Doctor and Vicki embark on a very leisurely exploration of the Rill space ship for the latter half of the episode (which ends an admittedly cool and startling cliffhanger). I'll blame the Chumblies for that one, as they do their best to urge their captives down the corridor to a meeting with the Rills while maintaining their steady 7 metre/minute pace.

Steven also fares quite poorly. Oh, how hopeful Peter Purves must have been when he signed on to the series, especially after he saw the script for The Time Meddler. And then he saw the script for this, in which all of his lines and actions had, at one time, belonged to the now departed character of Barbara. That's gotta kill a buzz pretty quick.

The novelty of seeing relatively new (to these eyes, anyway) Doctor Who episodes probably means I'm a lot more forgiving to this story than I should be....


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