Friday, May 29, 2009

V9 - Golden Death

The continuing story of The Daleks' Master Plan takes an odd turn as it settles down in ancient Egypt. It's odd because there is no real reason for things to be set here. The Doctor isn't helping to build the pyramids, nor are the Daleks and/or The Monk aren't attempting to stop them from being built. It's basically an excuse to have some Daleks waste some humanoids; in this case, some very willing Egyptian warriors.

The Doctor is very much a scheming individual in this episode, more often seen in the background than taking the lead. He lurks secretly behind The Monk while The Monk is skulking around the pyramid building site looking for The Doctor. The Doctor mischievously sneaks into The Monk's TARDIS to change its outside appearance to match The Doctor's own police box exterior. most amusingly, though, is an unseen sequence where The Doctor beats up The Monk enough to wrap him up in bindings and stuff him in a sarcophagus!

Still, one can't help but think that the momentum of the first five episodes has significantly dragged a bit over the next four installments. They're still better than The Web Planet, though...


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