Wednesday, June 10, 2009

AA1 - The Savages 1

With Innes Lloyd now fully in charge of Doctor Who, he began to imprint his new style of producing on the programme. The first thing you notice? Gone are the individual episode titles, now replaced by an "Episode One", etc., caption. If anything, the people who put together episode guides are now happy - there will be no The Edge of Destruction/Inside The Spaceship debates anymore!

The lack of individual episode titles also affects the end of episodes, as well. Instead of having to throw on a "Next Episode" caption, once the cliffhanger occurs, the credits can simply roll, without having to hold on a shot of The Doctor gurning in peril for several seconds while the caption is displayed. This makes the cliffhanger endings much more punchy and exciting.

Episode One of The Savages ends with Dodo screaming at the sight of a "savage", and the fact that the credits probably rolled immediately after the scream makes it all that more shocking and dramatic. Plus, the lack of individual episode titles prevents fans from having to memorize each title, but then, what Doctor Who fan out there would want to do that....?


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