Sunday, June 7, 2009

Z3 - Johnny Ringo

I'm starting to get the exact same feeling while watching The Gunfighters as I do when I watch the 1979 Tom Baker story City of Death - that of utter content and delight. And what links the two stories? Both stories feature David Graham (who usually has his mouth attached to a ring modulator while voicing Daleks) in onscreen roles as lovable losers who get killed horribly and in cold blood.

It would have been neat in a Maxil-shooting-the-Fifth-Doctor kind of way if the original actor sought out for the role of Johnny Ringo, Patrick Troughton, got the role and appeared opposite his soon-to-be predecessor William Hartnell. Nevertheless, Laurence Payne does a superb job at portraying the ruthless gunslinger, and easily has the best American accent out of anyone in the production.

Favourite line of the episode - The Doctor's response as to whether Doc Holliday is a friend of his: "Of course he is. He gave me a gun, he extracted my tooth. What more do you want?"

Why has this taken so long to come out on DVD?


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