Friday, June 26, 2009

KK5 - The Faceless Ones 5

In which the tables take a dramatic turn in favour of our heroes, and all thanks to the Chameleon version of Air Traffic Controller Meadows. Once Meadows is found out by The Doctor, he starts singing like a canary about the Chameleons' plans, and doesn't stop until the entire history of his race is released as a fully bound, three volume set published by Random House. After his big spiel, he then goes on to help The Doctor with every demand that is made of him. The Doctor's not even threatening him after a while! Has "Meadows" full on joined the side of The Doctor?

With "Meadows"'s help, The Doctor and the newly revived Nurse Pinto (better a minor character who we've only just met instead of Polly, in the eyes of the production team) manage to sneak onto the next Chameleon Tours flight, bypass any and all security checks, and wind up on the Chameleon satellite. Meanwhile, back at Gatwick Airport, Jean, Samantha, and the Commandant are making some headway in finding the comatose originals of the Chameleon duplicates.

After four episodes of a creepy, slow building mystery, the switch in emphasis in Episode Five to an inevitable victory by The Doctor is quite alarming.


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