Tuesday, June 23, 2009

HH4 - The Moonbase 4

One of the prerequisites for Cybermen stories, it seems, is to have a shot of Cybermen marching slowly and menacingly (emphasis on slowly) across a quarry, city street, or, in this case, the surface of the moon. And it looks impressive - there looks to be at least ten Cybermen in one shot. Ten!

The laser gun effect for the Cybermen's massive gun is very good, as well (so good that they used the effect twice in the same shot). Their departure from the surface, though, is less good, leaving via Kirby wire and cheesy sound effects. All this is thanks to the Moonbase crew turning the Gravitron onto the surface of the moon. One setback is apparently enough for these Cybermen, too. Do they collect themselves, rustle up their courage, and try again? Nope. They all catch the next rocket shuttle home. This event does a bit of a number on their "never give up" attitude that they usually seem to portray.

And Polly ends up making even more coffee! They're obviously pulling an all-nighter at the Moonbase, but can't they take the coffee making duties in shifts? There's so much wrong with The Moonbase (the stereotypes, the dialogue, the chauvinism, the silly hats), but it's still an enjoyable watch, oddly. I can't recommend it, but I can't UNrecommend it, either.


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