Friday, June 26, 2009

KK3 - The Faceless Ones 3

With Ben and Polly, for all intents and purposes, out of the picture, Jamie is now the main companion in Doctor Who. Due to his late arrival in the TARDIS, Jamie's participation in his first few stories usually resulted in him taking some of Ben's lines, or having the young Scotsman laid up in bed, moaning in defiance of the Phantom Piper.

With a couple of nice sequences in Episode Two featuring The Doctor, Jamie, and some upside down newspapers, though, the Jamie we know and love has finally arrived. And in Episode Three, the role for which we know him best begins to manifest itself - that of protector. His protectee in this story, henceforth, is Liverpudlian (and pseudo-companion) Samantha Briggs. Samantha is headstrong, yet slightly emotionally fragile at the moment due to the unknown fate of her missing brother. This allows for the best aspects of the Doctor/Jamie/female companion relationship of the Troughton era to take over. Girl=headstrong, yet vulnerable. Jamie=loyal to Doctor and protective of Girl. Doctor=subversive and, with Jamie protecting Girl, free to involve himself in the situation as only he know how to do.

After two episodes of trying to get someone to listen to him, after as many episodes spent trying to get away from those won't listen to him, The Doctor finally gains the trust of the Commandant of the airport, as well as Inspector Crossland of Scotland Yard. Crossland is played by Bernard Kay, who, in this episode, starts off a Doctor Who career made of characters who, in their position, should be immediately suspicious of The Doctor and his actions, but, instead, instantly trusts him. It is Crossland, in fact, who discovers the secret of what is happening to all these travelers on Chameleon Tours flights...


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