Wednesday, June 10, 2009

AA3 - The Savages 3

William Hartnell has about the easiest non-holiday episode in Episode 3 - he's either playing a comatose Doctor while he has his brain drained of energy to serve Jano's desires, or a staggering, bewildered Doctor wandering about, oblivious to the peril that he and his companions are in towards the end of the episode.

For, you see, most of The Doctor's thoughts, emotions, quirks - pretty much the entire contents of his brain - are within the head of Jano after the transfer operation. Frederick Jaeger does a very interesting, even amusing, impersonation of William Hartnell for these scenes, especially when he adds in Hartnell's distinctive chuckles and "mm-hmm"s (for lack of a better term). The thing is, Jaeger doesn't overdo it. If you listen to Hartnell, he does utter those things a lot! Probably too much, really, but I'm not alone in finding that particular trait of Hartnell's a little distracting.

This has been an interesting story, actually, despite my lack of actually talking about it as a whole! I think I'm still in the afterglow of The Gunfighters...


Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying your comments on these episodes. My Doctor Who knowledge mostly kicks in around Tom Baker. It's really nice getting to know Hartnell. Thanks for posting.

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