Tuesday, June 23, 2009

HH3 - The Moonbase 3

For an emotionless race, the Cybermen are certainly prone to some bad, idiotic dialogue that borders on gloating. During one conversation in Episode Three, one of them boasts to the crew of the Moonbase that their "stupid Earth brains" wouldn't have been able to uncover the Cybermen's plans, further adding that the metallic monsters are "clever...clever...clever". I half expected Christopher Robbie's Cyberleader to come strutting in at that point, hands on hips.

Despite what the Cybermen actually say, the way they say it is so cool, as is their appearance, but in a "retro" sort of fashion. The electric drone with which they speak is very dated these days, but it has such a charming, 1950's vibe to it that it is irresistible. The new, updated look from the headlamps and cellophane of The Tenth Planet is very effective, indeed, and is my favourite of the 1960s designs, and probably my favourite Cybermen design ever.

It's good to see Jamie walking about again and stealing some of Ben's lines. Soon, he'll actually have something of his own to say and do - hooray!


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