Sunday, June 21, 2009

FF2 - The Highlanders 2

The Doctor carries on his "Doctor von Wer" persona during this episode, actually putting it to good use in an amusing sequence where he ambushes Grey in his office, resulting in the solicitor getting tied up, gagged, and shoved in a closet. The Doctor later convinces Grey's clerk, Perkins, to lie down for an hour with his eyes closed after banging Perkins's head on the desk a few times.

This episode, like the one before it, though, is a real showcase for Polly. Polly really takes charge in this episode, convincing Kirsty to head off in search of Colin, Jamie, and Ben, then trapping Algernon Ffinch and blackmailing him into helping the two girls several times for the rest of the story. After the strong female character of Janley in The Power of the Daleks, one would think that this is just the next step in the feminizing of Doctor Who...

My favourite thing about this episode is Captain Trask, who uses every pirate cliche in the book when speaking (including countless "arrs!") and is so over the top that it would be laughable in any other situation. But this story is such a light hearted little romp that Trask is a blast to watch. After two episodes, this story is a nice little change of pace from the epic drama of the Dalek story that came before it.


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